Looking for a Vitiligo cosmetic camouflage? Try Zanderm!

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Vitiligo refers to skin discoloration in the form of random white patches which are more obvious on a darker skin tone. The skin loses its color because of deficient production of the skin pigment called melanin or destruction of melanin which shows in the form of irregular white patches on the skin.

There are many health issues such as Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Depression, or Schizophrenia which cause major issues, but, people are not concerned about these diseases and usually, people with these health challenges do not come across many hurdles in the way of marriage. But if an unmarried girl or boy starts developing Vitiligo, the first hurdle s/he faces is in getting the marriage proposals, especially in developing countries where arranged marriages are still more common such as India.

Young people at a marriageable age having Vitiligo hesitate while selecting suitable life-partners. People feel hesitant in going into a marital relationship with the Vitiligo affected individuals. Most of the time they reject proposals of people with vitiligo.

A mature adult needs to understand and take a conscious decision while selecting a life partner. Vitiligo is a non-harmful skin condition. It doesn’t spread by touch, eating from one plate, or by physical relationships. The disease creates a problem only at the cosmetic level – and now we have a very easy and cost-effective way to cover the vitiligo patches which is handy and without any side-effects.

To accept your skin condition is the way ahead

Sometimes, you may think that the best way to deal with Vitiligo is to ignore it. That’s not true. Face yourself and accept the fact. Talk about it with your family and people you trust. This’ll help you accept reality and help others also to understand and accept it with empathy.

Be confident. Remember that you are stronger than vitiligo and as a person, you have much more to offer than these white spots on your skin.

Zanderm is here to help you regain your confidence

Vitiligo Leucoderma Bride marriage Makeup

Using a safe and easy to apply cosmetic camouflage is a smart strategy to help you boost your confidence during social events such as marriages, parties, get-together events.

Zanderm Vitiligo Camouflage is a sweat and water-resistant cosmetic camouflage that is both hypoallergenic and long-lasting in nature.

Vitiligo Leucoderma Bridal Makeup Camouflage

Benefits of Zanderm

Vitiligo Leucoderma Bride Marriage Makeup tips

  • Makes your vitiligo less noticeable

Zanderm is easy to apply, dries in no time and feels and looks just like your skin. It masks the vitiligo spots perfectly to skyrocket your confidence and comfort level.

  • No long term side effects

Zanderm is gentle on skin and can be used on a daily basis without any risk of skin irritation.

  • A universal product

People all over the world should look and feel their best. Zanderm is a versatile product that is designed to work on any skin type. You can apply makeup over Zanderm as per your requirement or simply opt for no makeup.

  • Enduring and clean

Zanderm offers durable coloring. It lets you enjoy all your social activities such as shaking hands or giving hugs without fading away or getting messy.

  • Tried and Tested

Zanderm is composed of natural ingredients. It is paraben free with no silicone-based ingredients. You don’t have to be a makeup expert to use Zanderm. Gently apply the precision tip applicator over your skin until the affected area is colored.

  • Economical

You’ll never have to mix and match expensive camouflages or stage makeup products with Zanderm. Each pen covers plenty of your skin area—giving maximum value from each applicator you use.


The users of Zanderm Vitiligo Camouflage get an instant confidence boost in their day-to-day life and those social events. It sets them free from the feeling of self-consciousness and also, saves from those occasional public stares.

To know more about this product and to find the perfect Zanderm shade to match your skin tone, visit their website:


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