Psoriasis and Marriage – Mutual respect and acceptance is the key

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Marriage is a bond that makes tough times easier and good times more joyful.

Every person, including someone with a chronic skin condition like psoriasis, or any other health condition, deserves to experience the journey of marriage. Ideally, a non-contagious, non-fatal skin condition like psoriasis should not affect the matchmaking prospects of a person, but, unfortunately, it does cause a serious dent in a person’s attractiveness for marriage.  The prospective brides and grooms with psoriasis are looked at differently and society’s negative bias gives them a really tough time as they explore matrimonial opportunities.

Psoriasis mainly affects the skin only

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition that is caused by a faulty and confused immune system. Although it is a lifelong condition for most people, it is not medically dangerous. It is neither communicable nor life-threatening. It affects certain areas of the body to cause red patches on the skin. In short, for most people, the impact of psoriasis is limited to the skin only without compromising their physical or intellectual abilities, and hence, people with psoriasis carry on with their life just like anyone else.

Social stigma and ignorance is the real pain

As far as the life-long nature of psoriasis is concerned, there is a long list of common health issues without a permanent cure such as diabetes, thyroid problems, asthma, hypertension, arthritis, and various heart and liver ailments. But none of these chronic issues are as stigmatized as psoriasis because of its visible nature.

It shows nothing but our failure as a society to look skin-deep and appreciate a person’s character rather than how they look outside.

Impact of psoriasis on marriage prospects

The aspiring brides and grooms with psoriasis face a lot of difficulties in finding the right partner even if they have all the right qualities and personality traits. The lack of the right perspective towards this often misjudged skin ailment and myths aired in the society about it that it may be dangerous for the affected person, or the spouse or the kids after marriage, making it difficult for them to find a suitable match All these disappointing experiences fuel poor self-image, anxiety, and stress in that person’s life to further worsen the psoriasis symptoms as stress is the biggest culprit and trigger for psoriasis.

A marriage is a bond of love and warmth everyone should relish, but all these difficulties cause a lot of toll on their lives which sometimes reflect in their behavior with symptoms of low self-confidence and social isolation. Often it is seen, people with skin ailments like psoriasis need to compromise in the qualities of their potential spouse or face delay in marriage.

Marriage is a wonderful social establishment that is based on love, understanding, and respect. Partners must empathize with each other as they completely accept each other and promise to love unconditionally through the ups and downs of life. The psoriasis-related stigma and challenges often do not leave the person even after marriage as the feeling of ‘not good enough’ persists. Also, the spouse and in-laws are somewhat reluctant to completely accept them due to various reasons.

Getting married brings a new phase in your life along with its share of responsibility and challenges. As you adapt to these widespread changes in your life, your spouse must understand and acknowledge your skin condition and related challenges. Your partner’s undue attention or criticism would only harm the marriage and unfortunately, psoriasis does become the reason for separation, marriage failure, or divorce in many cases.

Finding a partner that completely understands you

Marrying someone with a similar skin condition would be an instant match as they would be able to understand each other without words. It will allow them to build a happy marriage on a solid foundation of love, respect, and acceptance without making a fuss about psoriasis. The weight of having a skin condition would not be a deal-breaker and the burden of psoriasis will be out of the way.

When you marry someone who gets exactly what you have gone through, it makes you utterly comfortable in your skin without feeling the pressure to have clearer skin. To take treatment and work for psoriasis healing is something everyone should try, but if you feel the urgency of it, it can be counterproductive. As both the partners have same or similar skin challenge, it would help them stick to their treatment regimens more effectively. Significant improvement in psoriasis symptoms can be a pleasant surprise here as the stress level would reduce drastically.

To make this scenario possible, you can try It is a matrimonial platform designed to help people with similar skin conditions meet and start their journey of love.

It is an inclusive platform and if someone with no skin ailment believes skin conditions can’t stop someone from having a successful marriage, they are welcome!

Love is a feeling far beyond then how we, and we want everyone to experience it!

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